THERE are times in the histories of peoples when those charged with high responsibilities should plainly speak their minds.

Australia is in danger.

We are in danger from abroad.

We are in danger at home.

We are in danger from moral and intellectual apathy, from the mortal enemies of mankind which sap the will and darken the understanding and breed evil dissension's.

Unless these are withstood, we shall lack moral strength and moral unity sufficient to save our country and our liberties.

Our present dangers are a challenge to us, but in meeting the challenges of history, peoples grow in greatness.

The dangers demand of all good Australians community of thought and purpose.

They demand a restoration of the moral order from which alone true social order can derive.

We remind all Australians that we are members, one of another, dependent even for our daily bread on the work of many. From the community we have our livelihood, culture, protection in a reign of law.

To the community we owed just return of loyalty and service.


that each of us has a duty to defend the community against evil designs and aggression and to preserve for our children that which was given to us.

that each of us has a duty to deal fairly with his fellows in the transactions of life, that each has a duty to himself and to his fellows of honest work.

that the development of a true community amongst ourselves and with all peoples of good will is the one way to peace at home and abroad.


we call for a new effort from all Australians to advance moral standards.

We ask for if from individuals in their personal and vocational relationships; in and through the lives of families; in and through all our voluntary associations, trade unions, employers' and professional groups, the organizations of women, of servicemen, and all the societies which our people have created to express their cultural, social, and economic interests.

We call for an adequate understanding of the nature of law and of its necessity as the principle of order in a free society.

We call on all Australians to take the active concern in public affairs proper to citizens of a free society.

We call on each Australian to examine his conscience and his motives; in all his associations with his fellows. If each does his part, the whole community will be renewed.

We call on our people to think now of the future into which our children go, that we may shape it well and wisely for them.

We call on our people to remember those whose labors opened this land to the uses of mankind; those who bore and reared the children of a new nation, those who died in battle for us, bringing splendor to Australian arms; those who worked with mind and muscle for the heritage which we, please God, shall hold and enlarge for our children and their children.

And that this may be so, we ask that each shall renew in himself the full meanings of the call which has inspired our people in their highest tasks and in their days of danger.