APPENDIX: Commonwealth of Australia Bill.
Copy of Federal Constitution under the Crown, framed and approved by the
Australasian Federal Convention, at Adelaide, South Australia,
22nd March to 23rd April, 1897.
Relates to Section 44. (v. )
Disqualifying contractors and persons interested in contracts.
Section 47.
Any person, who directly or indirectly himself or by any person,
in trust for him or for his use or benefit or on his account, undertakes, executes, holds or enjoys, in the whole or in part, any agreement for or on account of the public service of the Commonwealth, shall be incapable of being, chosen or of sitting as a member of the Senate or of the House of Representatives while he executes, holds or
enjoys the agreement or
any part or
share of it or
any benefit or
emolument arising from it.
Any person, being a member of the Senate or of the House of Representatives, who, in the manner or to the extent forbidden in this section, undertakes, executes, holds, enjoys or continues to hold or enjoy, any such agreement, shall thereupon vacate his place.
Proviso exempting members of trading companies;
But this section does not extend to any agreement made, entered into or
accepted by, an incorporated company consisting of more than twenty persons, if the agreement is made, entered into or accepted, for the general benefit of the company.
Any person being a member of the Senate or of the House of Representatives who, directly or indirectly, accepts or receives any fee or honorarium for work done or services rendered by him for or on behalf of the Commonwealth, whilst sitting as such member, shall thereupon vacate his place.
Please Note;
The member of the Senate or of the House of Representatives can not enter into any agreement as this remains with the Public Service of the Commonwealth.
Parliament can not be Incorporated subject to Section 51 Subsection 20.
If Members of Parliament are part of Corporation Section 44 subsection (v. ) shall be incapable of remaining in Parliament subject to Section 44.
And subject to Sections 7 and 29 of each State and Clause 6 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act; the Commonwealth of
Australia shall be of one Electorate.