Importing Race Hatred
Simultaneously throughout the civilised White world!
The traitor politicians should receive capital punishment - after a trial.

By Ray Smyth
ONE reason that "refugees" decide to endanger their welfare and come to Australia is that they are protected by a United Nation's treaty. However, when an international treaty runs counter to our Constitution, it is the Constitution which should be obeyed. No international law can over-ride our foundational document. Australian politicians continue to mouth platitudes about the human rights of illegal immigrants, but what about the human rights of their own constituents - the human right to continue to live as they always have without unreasonable demands from illegal, unwanted, and internationally protected new-comers?
These same politicians have facilitated the Muslim enclaves that are now beginning to demand Sharia law for Australia; those same politicians that buckled under Muslim pressure to ban Christian prayer in schools, to erase Christmas from our shops, streets and, schools.
There is no doubt that our society is being distorted by political innovators into one that was never desired or envisioned by those Australians who have lived their lives here and who have paid for politician's life styles and for the infrastructure which is occasionally destroyed by illegal "refugees." These same Australians were never asked if we should sign up to godless, Communistic United Nation's conventions. This country was established as a British, Christian nation and most Australians wish it to remain so.
Australians annually remember their ANZAC forefathers who fought to keep Australia free from alien philosophies, doctrines and religions and we expect political party representatives to have more concern for the people they represent than for immigrants who wish to re-establish their old lifestyles here, who care little for the prevailing social customs; and intend to impose their ways on their hosts. All the rioting and racial unrest that has happened in Australia is the direct result of decisions made by the political Representatives, not by the people themselves who only wish to live the lives that our fathers and mothers lived. That desire in Australians has been denigrated, vilified and made impossible by politicians who adhere to the international Communistic outlook of a theoretical Utopian society where everyone is equal, a place where race or religion does not matter, where no one is smarter, richer or more caring than any other.
If that sounds familiar, it is because it was the definition of the Soviet Union and applies today to North Korea.
Already we have a group of dictators just waiting to gain the power to re-create those failed societies here. Bob Brown would be one, Julia Gillard, Anna Bligh... the list is endless. All of them are more interested in their own aggrandisement (power) and the Socialist International dogma than Australia.
(Brown & Bligh have been replaced)
Not one of the Representatives seem interested in protecting and cherishing the heritage of Australia. All of them bow to the international agenda of banking cartels, power-seekers and pseudo dictators, hoping, thereby, to cement their own place at the table of thieves.
History has shown us that change for the better does not come from the top, neither is it accomplished by violence from the people, but it is established by people remembering their heritage, praying and changing themselves. Only when a people remember their identity, honour their heritage and seek to establish those tenets that once made us strong and great, will change for the better become a reality.
It is to ensure that this does not happen that the United Nations seeks to protect the influx of aliens into Christian countries.
Why? Because they, the United Nations World Government, can more easily govern people who have no identity, who are weak and no longer remember their history, their tenets or their ancient laws.
"Hearken to me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek the LORD: look unto the rock whence ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence ye are digged.
Look unto Abraham your father, and unto *Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him. "Isa 51:1

We cannot continue to absorb aliens without losing our identity.
Issue 68 - October 2011
Page 7
The Australian Beacon,