Since first discovering the process of “regionalisation” in the form of the Department of Infrastructure’s “Rural & Regional Development Strategy” in 1999, some interesting and rather dramatic developments have taken place. These developments are having a terrible negative impact on Australian society, and what follows is an attempt to record but a few of those developments.

“Regionalisation” is the process by which the “elite” who control global affairs and world finance (some say that there is a “spiritual hierarchy” who are pulling the strings behind them) are currently setting up a “One World Government”, and this process would seem to involve groups such as the Bilderbergers, the RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs) the CFR, (Council on Foreign Relations) & the Trilateral Commission, to name but a few.

These groups are commonly referred to by those “in the know” as “the Establishment” or the “Shadow Government”. This “shadow government” is operating currently in Australia through the “regionalisation” process which began with the R&RDS (Rural and Regional Development Strategy), which is basically a rural development “program” involving the World Bank, and which is being implemented under the guidelines contained within United Nations “Agenda 21’.

Other key components in this “program” are “strategies” such as “Melbourne 2030” and “Ballarat 2030”, and through an intelligence gathering and controlling network called “Networking the Nation”, they have set up “hubs” or “enterprise centres” in most rural townships of any size or importance, such as Bendigo, Ballarat, Castlemaine, Daylesford, Horsham, Nhill and so on. The “hubs” in these centres are centrally linked to Ballarat University and a “business initiator” called the “Greenhill Enterprise Centre”, which is currently expanding its operations into the smaller “regional” centres.

Another “key player” in this “network” is the “Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities” which operates out of the Latrobe University Bendigo Campus, and one of their staff, a fellow who calls himself, “a futurist and former Commissioner for the Future” has stated that “by 2005, we will have World environmental controls, World money and banking, World security & surveillance, and a World army / military set-up. He also made the statement that Australia will become “increasingly internationalised”.
On May 5th - 9th 2004, a “congress” was held in Paris, France. This “congress”, organized by the UN, brought into being a body called the UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments) which now controls Local Governments around the World, under the “umbrella” of “Agenda 21”. This is in effect a World Government which now controls government at the local level.

The disturbing thing is that local populations have not been consulted about this process in a fair manner, and most local people have little or no understanding of what is actually happening or what the implications of this process might be.
This new form of control over local Councils takes the form of “Corporate Governance”, and through the process of “privatisation” or “public and private partnerships” (PPP’s), a tyrannical and uncaring “World Government Dictatorship” is gaining control of local communities across Australia.
This “corporate control” of Local Government was hinted at during a recent “Structure Plan” meeting held at Daylesford, when Councils’ Economic Development Officer, openly stated that Councils’ “Corporate Plan” was to be re-named “The Council Plan”.

One of the key areas of “regionalisation” which is currently impacting on peoples’ daily lives is that of regional development, and very few people realise that the “out of control” development that surrounds them is as a result of World Bank “major development projects”.
Citylink, Docklands, the MCG “re-development”, the Melbourne showgrounds “re-development” and the current push for “hi-rise” development at Mitcham are all examples of World Bank driven development, and the World Bank has recently been re-named the “World Development Agency”. The World Bank is a “subsidiary” of the UN, and theirs is a cruel track record indeed.

For details on the terrible impact that World Bank interference in sovereign nations can have, a good book to read is “Masters of Illusion. The World Bank and the Poverty of Nations” by Catherine Caufield, ISBN : 0-330-35321-7. Another relevant study is “Development Debacle - The World Bank in the Philppines”, by Walden Bello, David Kinley & Elaine Ellinson, and produced by the “Institute for food & Development Policy, Phillipines Solidarity Network”, ISBN 0-935028-12-9. Another important book is “Globalization and its discontents” by Joseph Stiglitz (former Chief Economist for the World Bank who has “blown the whistle” on their corrupt activities) ISBN 0-7139-9680-3.

Basically, what is happening in rural Victoria at the present time is fairly well outlined in the above three books, but it is almost impossible to convince ordinary people that the terrible things that are happening in their lives are related to the World Banks’ presence in Australia, as most have no earthly idea as to how they have operated overseas, mainly in “Third World” countries (who are only “third world” because they have been stripped of their resources and decimated by the World Bank). NOTE :It is also interesting to note that David Icke on his website refers to the World Bank as “the Illuminati,s World Bank”.

Another indicator of the “regionalisation” process is the current “fascination” with art and “the arts”, and at a meeting in Daylesford on 22/11/00, two World Bank representatives who had flown in from New Zealand, outlined setting up what they called an “arts cluster” in Central Victoria to a gathering of around 60 people. A transcript of that meeting is available. Federation Square is the “hub” of the global “arts cluster” in Victoria, and it has been referred to as “The Gateway” to “Regional” Victoria … once again, the people seem to have no idea that Federation Square poses a threat, and that it is a key component of what amounts to the “Invasion by stealth” that is currently taking place in Australia.

One of the key structures for the implementation of this “invasion by stealth” is the “conduit” that exists from COAG (Council of Australian Governments) down to ALGA (Australian Local Governance Association), and then to the VLGA Victorian Local Governance Association / MAV (Municipal Association of Victoria). The MAV in particular is currently implementing all sorts of “Agenda 21” related programs, and seems to be overseeing delivery of World Bank/IMF funding to local Councils, under the pretense that this is Federal Government funding.

Councils who do not comply with demands to implement “Agenda 21” related programs receive no funding whatsoever. Many of these programs seem to be related to DOTARS (Department of Transport & Regional Services) with John Anderson a major “player”, DSE (Department of Sustainability & Environment), DEH (Department of Environment & Heritage) and DHS (Department of Human Services). The Department of Infrastructure has also been a “key player”.

Apart from the COAG/ ALGA/ VLGA/MAV “conduit” from “Agenda 21”, our local Councils are now totally controlled by CEO’s and other unelected “officers”.
The Hepburn Shire Council’s CEO, gets much of his power and many of his “instructions” from the “Area Consultative Committee”, a “Corporate think tank” which is affiliated with “Business Ballarat”, which is in turn a “spin off from the Greenhill Enterprise Centre.
This is in turn related to Ballarat University and the “IBM Global” complex at Mt Helen in Ballarat. All of these structures come under the “umbrella” of “Networking the Nation” and the “Regional Connectivety Project”.

The Regional Development agenda has been greatly accelerated in recent months, mainly through the area of “water reform” being used as the “smoke screen” to force irrigation water prices up and to create water shortages, thereby forcing large numbers (up to 60,000) of our traditional family farmers from their land, and replacing them with World Bank sponsored “agribusiness” programs. Some of these “agribusiness” programs are focussed on crops like cotton, blue gums, olives, vineyards, truffles, GM canola and other export oriented crops. To produce for the local market these days is a crime in the eyes of the “globalists”.

In the Wimmera Mallee “region” a huge pipeline scheme is currently causing major concern among the local population. This is a World Bank “major project” that is being set up in order to “re-structure” the entire area as a “cluster”.
Export produce (e.g. mineral sands from the Iluka project) is the main focus, and the local resources are to be plundered and shipped off overseas via a road network (which is currently being upgraded for this purpose) linked to the port of Portland. Across Australia, road and rail networks are being “upgraded” in order to “facilitate” this plunder, and shipping channels into our ports are being enlarged and deepened for the same purpose.

Country Victoria is presently under assualt  from a major influx of people wishing to “re-locate” from the cities which are becoming “ghettoes” of migrants who now occupy our Australian cities. The Victorian Government is now running a “marketing campaign” called “Provincial Victoria - Make it Happen”.
This campaign is designed to attract another 600,000 people to rural Victoria. This is all part of the World Bank “regional development” agenda, and the rationale for it is that the more people there are in “regional areas”, the better the marketing opportunities for the big global chain stores that are now springing up in “regional” centres like Ballarat and Bendigo.

The reality, however, is that 600,000 people means another six cities the size of Ballarat, and that this will be a major environmental and social disaster for rural areas, as we do not have the water for this level of development, and the situation will become totally unsustainable in real terms.
If we lose our farmland to urban development, we lose our ability to produce food for future generations of Australians, and in a volatile world, imports may not always be the answer. The sad thing is that Premier Bracks received his orders to initiate this program while attending a biotechnology  conference in Washington at the start of the last week in June 2003.

Another recent development of the World Government’s “Regionalisation” agenda has been the advent of Collaborative or (so-called) Community Forest Management. This is a process being set up by UNESCO & the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), which gives them the control over our local forests.
The general principle is that this is a part of the World Government’s “Man and the Biosphere” (MAB) program, which effectively means that the World Government is “foreclosing” on Australian “Crown Land”, as collateral against our foreign debt.

Through this process the UN now controls something like 60% of the World’s land mass. There are 13 of these “Biospheres” in Australia at present, and it would appear that many more are about to come under this “regime”. The Wombat Forest near Daylesford is the “prototype” for CFM in Australia, and “The Ourimbah Protocol” near Gosford in NSW is the second of these UN “land grab” schemes to be set up outside of the existing National Park networks.

Tourism and Economic Development seem to be two of the “key components” of the,
New World Order / World Government strategy agenda, and it seems that the two go “hand in hand” in Local Government literature.
In studying tourism in the Daylesford area for the past 30 years or so, it has become apparent that it has functioned as the strategy, that the World Government has used to “break down the resistance of the internal culture”, i.e. the local communities, in order to “open up” local communities to exploitation by global interests.

An in depth study of the processes related to “regionalisation” has indicated that through this process we are now under the control of a centralized World Government, though very few Australians seem unable to understand this fact. This situation has been brought about in a secretive fashion, and the people have not been informed or consulted about the loss of their National sovereignty.

Much of the research material seems to suggest that this World Government will not be friendly, and that the signing of the GATTS and Free Trade agreements, pressure from the Financial Markets and Banks and the selling of Telstra. seems to be an emerging agenda that is of a dictorship over the Australian Federal and State Parliaments, Small Business, the People, workers rights and incomes.

Recent developments of corporatising in all areas including, health and aged care in Australia indicates Australians are going through a process of the wearing down of standard services, cut backs in health services and hospital bed closures seem to support this idea.
Hospital waiting lists are evidence that the health services are not coping. To accept more migrants there will need to be more hospital beds or build more hospitals.

The following is a list of some of the phrases and terms that are commonly used in globalist documentation at the local level. These terms / phrases are a “dead giveaway” when reading their documentation, and once recognized make it harder for us to be fooled by their deception and propoganda. When reading their documentation, it is wise to remember that, their rhetoric defies the reality and, the true meaning of their terms is often the exact opposite of the implied meaning.

“Governments should” Is a term that often pops up in “Agenda 21” … it really means that governments must …. Otherwise they will get no funding …. Much of this aspect is related to the concept of “integrating all 3 levels of government” in Australia. This has effectively happened.

“Best Practice” This means you will do things the way the World Government wants them done, Or else!

“The Next Step” This means that “phase 1” of the agenda being implemented has been completed, and the globalist invaders are ready to “roll out” phase 2.

“Gateway” This comes up often in their documentation … e.g. “The Gateway” was the name given to the economic development “hub” at Clunes …. The same term has also been applied to the Australian Government Treasury in recent times …. It may be construed as a “portal” through which the World Government / New World Order invaders enter local communities to set up their totalitarian agenda.

“Innovation” Is one of the key phrases used to sell their “change” driven agenda … people have been fooled and embraced this concept which is really about “creating an elite class” and setting up a “feudalistic society” in which the peasants serve as slaves to the “elite”. This is what modern day “volunteerism” is about. Much of the “innovation” concept is related to the IT industry and the massive wealth that it creates for a select few.

“Enterprise” Another common buzzword … It means that you basically have to strive harder to survive in a competition oriented society …. It reflects “economic rationalism” and the “elitist” principles that rule “the market” in a society that operates under the “New Economy”.… This is why the average Australian now has to work an 80 hour week to feed his family instead of the 40 hour week that used to be the norm.

“Mentor” In order to set up the “New World Order” it is necessary to change people’s thinking from the old ways to the new … this is done through “mentoring programs”. Another version of this are the “Continuing Learning”, Open Learning, U3A programs and the like. These are in reality New World Order education programs designed by the Tavistock Institute and should be avoided. The same principle is now applied in most government schools.

“Leadership” Is the latest fad in rural communities …. Young people who have been through the “mentoring programs” are sent out into communities in order to “re-structure” the communities for the “New World Order” … an extension of this are the “Community Capacity Building” programs which are in place at the present time.

“Round Table” A common term in ALGA related documentation … the source of much of the above … There is a Business Round Table, Youth Round Table, Womens Round Table.



The elected members of  State and Federal Parliaments have an interest of authority in the growing power of, Local government.

"Regionalization" the zoning up of Australia for economic development and the restructuring of Australian society in general. At first glance, this would seem like a good idea to many .... But those who are pushing it see it only as a way of centralizing more and more power in Canberra and less power to the states and Territories.

Shires (already amalgamated under Jeff Kennett) means they will be grossly enlarged and become Corporations, hence leaving the individual with even less local control.

Aims for regions to specialize in only one or two areas (branding or clustering) e.g. goods and services such as wineries and tourism, olives and blue gums.

"Decentralisation" Is the latest catch cry from those who recognize that our major Cities can no longer cope with more migrants. Because of our debt, rural Australia is currently being stripped of all it's services and has the highest unemployment youth rates in the country. If we can not look after the infrastructure supporting one of Australia's important export income earning sectors, how are we going to develop rural Australia to support many thousands of migrants?

"branding or clustering" creation of logos / brands for regions .... will make all regions dependent on all other regions for all goods and services. This is called inter-dependency.

"Economic Dependency" is the slave of Capitalism whose only answer to all economic questions / problems is continual economic growth and export of local resources for the global market.

"Economic Growth" comes hand in hand with the creation of new finance which comes into being in the form of a bank loan (debt) which has to be paid off, thus requiring more and more economic growth.
Has been proved over centuries to be the adversary of natural growth or that much abused word sustainability.

"Sustainability" is a new economic term for continual economic growth, which is in turn fueled by continual population growth. It is important for concerned individuals to differentiate between CORPORATE sustainability and the concerned individuals concept of environment sustainability.

The Corporate and the elite who control World Finance regard the word sustainability as meaning economic DEVELOPMENT activity which sustains their phenomenal wealth and destroys the environment in the process.

This is the exact opposite of the meaning envisioned by the bulk of the population who regard sustainability as meaning an enduring environment able to sustain future generations.