United Nations and Political Parties are not Electorates;

The United Nations is not a World Government as at 2010.

The United Nations has since 1991 initiated a New World Government.

They now have a Constitution for a; World Government Under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

If this is accepted by all People living on this Planet Earth the United Nations and it's associations will control all of this Planet Earth; all land, sea and sea bed, atmosphere, water and wind.
If that happens all will become a commodity on the financial markets, all payable at full cost designed for profits only.

In this Constitution they are going to maintain a Debt Base Financial System and a Fractional Banking System at 10 times the deposits held.

This is called Money Creation from nothing or Paper Money which has no intrinsic value, it is simply a promise to pay and includes unlimited Lines of Credit.
The fact is the borrower has to pay back with real cash. (fiat money).
Political Parties.
All Political Parties and the United Nations are;
Non-Government Organisations, are not Electorates and have no Legislative power.
Have now become the central Government and Parliament over all Federal, State and Local Government. Each individual political party preselects from it's members, the candidates, who are then
nominated and endorsed by the party, to stand for election.
No Independent Candidate should; vote in favour for, any political party or be a member of any, political party and also, be an Independent Candidate.
Leave a political party and become, an Independent Candidate, without completing a Nomination Form.
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